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"Craig has worked together with me over the past 4 years to help clients recovering from musculoskeletal injuries and orthopaedic surgery, and in particular following knee surgery. His training with the widely recognised and well respected American based CHEK institute equips him to accurately assess and then design exercise programmes for end stage and high level rehabilitation. There comes a time in rehab where you need someone technically proficient and experienced in dealing with injuries while supervising more advanced and difficult strengthening and functional exercises. You also need someone to motivate and push you within safe boundaries, and to communicate and co-operate with your medical carers. Craig is that man!"

Nigel Roe, Physiotherapist

"Before coming to see Craig, I had tried various approaches to deal with a long term chronic back problem – I had basically stopped using certain muscles in my back through fear of the pain. I started seeing Craig to try to gain confidence back again and to reduce my constant pain – but I was fairly cynical as nothing else had offered a long-term solution. The programme Craig put together for me has exceeded my expectations – Craig has an excellent understanding of how the body works and is very patient. In a relatively short space of time he has reduced my consistent back pain to virtually nothing. Craig understands limits and never encourages you to do more than you are comfortable with, which is important for me. I highly recommend his corrective exercise approach."

Marissa Bourke, Elle Magazine

"I am 61 and have suffered from lower back pain for 32 years in varying degrees. I have tried other approaches such as pilates over the years which have done very little to help and sometimes made the condition worse. Craig Lambert was recommended by my physician so I decided to have one last attempt to help my back problems. I was sceptical at the beginning having been let down and disappointed so often and I am both surprised and delighted at the results. The improvement was very swift and I am pain free in my lower back. The sessions are fun and Craig Lambert's approach is both intelligent and knowledgeable. I would encourage anyone who has joint pain or just wants to keep fit to do this programme. It is one to one tuition so there is no feeling of competition and it is all about you."

Moira Baughan, London

"My local GP referred me to Craig in November 2007. I was suffering from three previous knee surgeries. My previous physio treatment had not been satisfactory and resulted in both my balance, joints and back playing hell with me. At a loss I turned to my local GP who referred me to Craig. Craig looked at what was happening to me in terms of diet, stress and balance. He identified hamstring tension and a sciatic nerve issue. I started seeing improvements in 3 months and after 8 months I was out of pain and into general fitness training. I am now cycling and swimming .My balance is back and I have no back problems. Craig's straightforward and quiet approach has beat all others hands down. Thanks."

Mike Felt, Managing Director, London

"When I first worked with Craig, I came to him having suffered for years with chronic back pain. The problems were a result of bad posture and incorrect bending. I had visited numerous back specialists, osteopaths, physiotherapists - you name it, I did it. But nothing worked. Then when an MRI scan revealed one of my discs in my spine had crumbled, I realised something had to be done to avoid a life of pain. Craig has been superb. With his expert knowledge, he soon got me onto a disciplined and rigorous exercise programme. He has pushed me hard, but always in a cheerful and supportive way. He has always been really positive through all the ups and downs I have had. Miraculously, now I rarely have any back pain. I couldn't recommend Craig Lambert highly enough."

Ian Barrett, Teacher London

"Craig Lambert is so much more than a personal trainer. His commitment to the science of corrective exercise has transformed my understanding of how to keep this middle aged female body pain free and strong. I've been seeing Craig for three years now, the longest I have stuck with any training programme. I appreciate very much the clever, subtle techniques that address my weaknesses, meaning that in a one hour session I feel I get the benefit of three. My husband, Edwyn Collins, had a severe stroke five years ago, leaving him with pronounced right side weakness. Craig has approached working with him a s a personal challenge with such success that Edwyn no longer feels the need for neurophysio. He has complete faith in Craig's skill."

Grace Maxwell, 51 Author

"My sessions with Craig have done me so much good and I enjoy his company. Even though it's very hard work, he gets me through it. I can be lazy, but Craig brings out the hard worker in me. After my stroke, it's amazing to see my progress and Craig measures it carefully. He is ingenious in his ideas, especially his mini assault course.
I rely on him."

Edwyn Collins,50 Singer & Songwriter

"Since having one 'muscle activation technique' session with craig i have felt a massive improvement in my persistent calf injury. I had seen numerous amounts of club physios but none have helped me as much as one 40 minute session with craig. I no longer wear calf supports and touch wood it has been fine ever since. I highly recommend craig and
the 'muscle activation technique' he uses."

Jason Coughlan, 28, sports coach and semi pro footballer

"Craig became my fitness coach about three years ago after I picked up a various recurring injuries (knee and back) that had stopped me playing football. Craig quickly got to the heart of the problem and put me on a programme to get me back to full fitness. No short cuts were involved, it was just Craig using his expert knowledge and common sense to analyse where my body was under strength and then lots of hard work to put it right. Since then, we have kicked on with a general strength and
conditioning programme that has not just kept me injury free but left me stronger and fitter (at age 39) than I have ever been. Its a bonus that Craig is such an easy going person who makes the sessions - in between the painful bits, at least - fun. He does have some terrible jokes though."

Greg Leader,39 Cramer, London