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Below is a description of a typical training journey from injury treatment through to strength and conditioning. The length of the journey will depend on your goals, whether they are to just be free of pain or long term goals such as improved fitness and overall well-being.

Stage 1 - Assessment and Muscle Activation

The assessment is designed to find your weaknesses. When muscles become weak it creates a compensation factor in another muscle, this in turn puts strain on the joints and creates tightness and pain. Finding the weaknesses is the key for your exercise programme.

By assessing posture, spinal curves, core strength, movement patterns and range of motion we can gain a very clear and precise picture of where your weaknesses are. It is in the assessment where the strengthening begins as we use Muscle Activation Technique to switch on the weakest muscles. You may notice that this already creates more ease in your movement and eliminates much of the tightness and pain.

Stage 2 - Core Conditioning and Postural Correction

After the assessment your corrective exercise programme begins to kick in. Here the focus is on developing those weaker muscles that have now been activated and making them stronger.

There is also a great emphasis on developing your core strength as this will provide you with a strong foundation for movement. You will be made aware of your posture and how to improve this as well as other factors that may be affecting this such as your breathing pattern.

Stage 3 - Balance and Strength

Now that you have a strong foundation, the focus in this stage is to strengthen the rest of the body- integrating this new strength into your movement patterns, improving your balance and therefore your capabilities to deal with physical challenges in the everyday world

During this stage you may begin to really experience improved fitness, strength and overall wellbeing.

Stage 4 - Strength and Conditioning

This stage is all about promoting your health and well being. Through a mixture of resistance and interval training you can create a leaner meaner you. If your goals are to lose body fat or to improve sports/job performance, this is the stage for you.

We hope that you will not only improve your everyday function as well as your health and well being by training with Lambert-Performance, but that you will have fun as you go on this journey of self discovery!